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Sakari Kauppinen

Visiting Scientist / Gæsteforsker

Role of microRNAs in Disease and Development

The overall goal of the present reseach project is to understand the roles of microRNAs in development and disease, by addressing specific biological questions related to the function of microRNAs in mouse and human. In the context of the strategic goals of WJC, we will address this by the study of chromosomal breakpoints associated with disease, that interacts with miRNA genes or their regulatory networks


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Publications related to WJC

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Presentations related to WJC

71st CSHL SYMPOSIUM: Regulatory RNAs
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, May 31, 2006
2.   Bak M, Silahtaroglu AN, Christensen M, Møller M, Skryabin B, Kloosterman W, Nolting D, Rath MF, Brosius J, Plasterk R, Tommerup N, Kauppinen S. microRNAs in the mammalian brain.
Keystone Symposia: RNAi and Related Pathways
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, January 26, 2006
1.   Christensen M, Bak M, Silahatroglu A, Kloostermann W, Skryapin B, Nolting D, Nørremølle A, Lassen A-C, Hasholt L, Brosius J, Tommerup N, Plasterk R, Kauppinen S. miRNAs in mammalian brain.

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