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Lars Allan Larsen

Lars Allan Larsen

Professor, Centre vice-director / Professor

Functional genomics of human cardiac development and disease

Congenital heart disease (CHD) represent the most common group of inborn malformations, with an incidence of almost 1% in the population. The aetiology of CHD is complex but with a significant genetic component. Large families with CHD are very rare, thus classical genetic approaches are generally not useful for identification of disease genes and consequently the present number of identified human genes involved in cardiac development and CHD is small. Our research is focused on investigating the genetic aspects of human cardiac development and congenital heart disease. We explore different genomic strategies for identification of genes, genomic regulatory regions and molecular networks involved in cardiac development and disease. We investigate the function of the candidate genes or elements by expression analysis in embryonic tissues and functional assays in cell models. Identification of genes associated with cardiac development and CHD is likely to have an impact on early diagnosis and prevention of CHD and may also provide a basis for development of new drug therapies e.g. for minor cardiac defects like small atrial- and ventricular defects. Furthermore, identifying and understanding molecular mechanisms in human cardiac development, especially the subset of genes and molecular networks which regulate cardiomyogenesis is likely to have an impact on the development of therapeutic means for regeneration of cardiomyocytes in myocardial infarction and congestive heart failure.


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Publications related to WJC

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Book chapters related to WJC

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Presentations related to WJC

58th Annual Meeting of The American Society of Human Genetics
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 11, 2008
17.   Larsen LA, Lage K, Møllgård K, Workman CT, Bendsen E, Tommerup N, Brunak S. Systematic Identification of Functional Networks in Human Heart Development.
Seminar, Gaungxi Cancer Institute, Nanning, China
Gaungxi Cancer Institute, Nanning, China, October 14, 2008
Oral presentations
16.   Larsen LA. Hedgehog Signaling in Development and Cancer.
DSMG meeting: systems biology in relation to genetics
Odense University Hospital, September 05, 2008
Oral presentations
15.   Larsen LA. Systematic identification of functional networks in human heart development.
Hjerteforeningens Børneklub familiekursus
Scandic Bygholm Parkhotel, Horsens, August 17, 2008
Oral presentations
14.   Larsen LA. På sporet af? Genetiske årsager til medfødt hjertemisdannelse.
The European Human Genetics Conference 2008
Barcelona, Spain, May 31, 2008
13.   Sørensen KM, Andersen PS, Larsen LA, Schwartz M, Schouten J, Nygren A. A novel MLPA technique for copy number analysis on small amounts of DNA.
American Society of Cell Biology
Washington, December 01, 2007
12.   Clement CA, Kristensen SG, Yoder B, Tümer Z, Christensen ST, Larsen LA. The primary cilium coordinates hedgehog signaling in the mouse P19.CL6 embryonal carcinoma stem cells.
Dansk Selskab for medfødte Hjertesygdomme
Odense Universitetshospital, November 15, 2007
Oral presentations
11.   Larsen LA. Genetiske årsager til medfødte hjertesygdomme.
American Society of Human Genetics
San Diego, October 23, 2007
10.PDF  Larsen LA, Zhang L, Barbi G, Møllgård K, Bendsen E, Møller R, Ullmann R, Tümer Z, Tommerup N. The leukemia associated gene RUNX1T1 (MTG8/ETO) is involved in heart and brain development.
European Human Genetics Conference 2007
Nice, France, June 16, 2007
9.   Erdogan F, Larsen LA, Zhang L, Tümer Z, Tommerup N, Chen W, Jacobsen JR, Schubert M, Jurkatis J, Tzschach A, Ropers H H, Ullmann R. High Frequency of Submicroscopic DNA copy number changes in patients with congenital heart disease.
30th FEBS Congress - 9th IUBMB Conference
Budapest, Hungary, July 02, 2005
8.PDF  Vestergaard J, Pedersen MW, Hasholt L, Tommerup N, Tumer Z and Larsen LA. siRNA mediated knock-down of the Hedgehog pathway member GLI1 inhibits the proliferation of NT2 neuronal precursor cells.
European Human Genetics Conference 2005 (ESHG 2005)
Prague, May 07, 2005
7.PDF  Larsen LA, Bækvad-Hansen M, Delicado A, Kalscheuer V, Tommerup N, Tumer Z. Delineation of a 5q35 microdeletion in congenital heart disease: haploinsufficiency of NKX2-5 can cause Ebstein anomaly.
54th Meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics
Toronto, Canada, October 25, 2004
6.PDF  Brudzewsky D, Larsen LA, Claesson M, Gad M, Kristensen NN, Knudsen S, Tumer Z. Genome-wide expression analysis in a mouse model of chronic inflammatory bowel disease.
The 4th European Mucosal Immunology Group Meeting
Lyon, France, October 07, 2004
5.PDF  Brudzewsky D, Larsen LA, Claesson M, Gad M, Kristensen NN, Knudsen S, Tumer Z. Genome-wide expression analysis in a mouse model of chronic inflammatory bowel disease.
European Human Genetics Conference 2003
Birmingham, England, May 02, 2003
4.PDF  Larsen LA, Henriksen KF, Christensen EL, Hasholt L, Tommerup N. Down regulation of the Sonic Hedgehog signalling pathway during neuronal differentiation of human teratocarcinoma (NT2) cells.
52nd Annual Meeting of The American Society of Human Genetics
Baltimore, Maryland, USA, October 14, 2002
3.   Frank-Hansen R, Larsen LA, Andersen PS, Jespersgaard C, Christiansen M. Mutations in the genes KCND2 and KCND3 encoding the ion-channels conducting the cardiac transient outward current (ITO) is not a frequent cause of long QT syndrome. Am J Human Genet 2002;71(supp):521 (Poster 2059).
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