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Klaus Wilbrandt Kjær

Klaus Wilbrandt Kjær

MD / Associate professor / Lektor

Limb defects: A unique model for developmental processes

Limbs have a huge morphological variability in nature. Large phenotypic variability is also characteristic for many inherited limb malformations, e.g. ectrodactyly, brachydactyly, and synpolydactyly. The “susceptibility” for morphological variation makes the limb an excellent model for studying variability of expressivity, penetrance, and pleiotropy, which is still poorly understood in almost all inherited conditions. Furthermore many genes in limb development are active in the development of other organs, including the brain, e.g. HOX-genes, BMP’s, FGF’s. We aim to identify 1) novel mutations or genes causing human limb malformations, and 2) related interacting or modifying genes which are likely to be involved in the development of other organ systems as well


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Publications related to WJC

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Presentations related to WJC

European Human Genetics Conference 2005 (ESHG 2005)
Prague, May 07, 2005
3.PDF  Kjaer KW, Lehmann K, Nurnberg P, Tommerup N, Mundlos S. A new locus for brachydactyly type A2 maps to chromosome 20p.
European Human Genetics Conference 2003
Birmingham, England, May 02, 2003
2.PDF  Kjaer KW, Christensen KS, Hansen L, Tommerup N. Second case of inherited Laurin-Sandrow Syndrome (LSS)?.
European Human Genetics Conference 2002
Strasbourg, France, May 24, 2002
Oral presentations
1.   Kjaer KW, Hedeboe J, Bugge M, Hansen C, Friis-Henriksen K, Opitz JM, Tommerup N. A systematic study of limb defects in Denmark. Eur J Hum Genet 2002:10(supp);67 (C31).

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