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Janni Vestergaard

Janni Vestergaard

Ph.d. student / Ph.d. studerende

Hedgehog signaling in stem cell biology and cancer

Hedgehog signaling controls cellular differentiation and proliferation in many tissues and organs during embryogenesis and is particularly important for development of the CNS. Mutations in genes of this pathway have been associated with several diseases characterized by developmental defects as well as cancers. In this project, RNA interference will be utilized as a technique to specifically knock-down central genes in the Hedgehog signaling cascade and deregulated gene expression investigated by quantitative real time PCR. The experiments are performed on NT2 cells, which are human teratocarcinoma precursor cells that can be differentiated to neurone-like cells. This cell line has several features of neuronal stem cells and can therefore be used as a model system for neuronal development. Results so far show that siRNAs directed against the Hedgehog signaling cascade members Smoothened and Gli1 can lead to a downregulation of expression of these genes in NT2 cells


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Publications related to WJC

3.   Jakobsen LP, Borup R, Vestergaard J, Larsen LA, Lage K, Maroun LL, Kjaer I, Niemann CU, Andersen M, Knudsen MA, Møllgård K, Tommerup N. Expression analyses of human cleft palate tissue suggest a role for osteopontin and immune related factors in palatal development. Exp Mol Med. 2009;41:77-85.
2.   Vestergaard J, Lind-Thomsen A, Pedersen MW, Ostergaard Jarmer H, Bak M, Hasholt L, Tommerup N, Tümer Z, Larsen LA. GLI1 Is Involved in Cell Cycle Regulation and Proliferation of NT2 Embryonal Carcinoma Stem Cells. DNA Cell Biol. 2008;27:251-6.
1.   Vestergaard J, Pedersen MW, Pedersen N, Ensinger C, Tumer Z, Tommerup N, Poulsen HS, Larsen LA. Hedgehog signaling in small-cell lung cancer: Frequent in vivo but a rare event in vitro. Lung Cancer. 2006;52:281-90.

Book chapters related to WJC

1.   Vestergaard J, Bak M, Larsen LA. The Hedgehog Signaling Pathway in Cancer. In: Macieira-Coelho, Alvaro (eds.). Developmental Biology of Neoplastic Growth, Progress in Molecular and Subcellular Biology, Vol. 40. Heidelberg 2005, Springer.

Presentations related to WJC

30th FEBS Congress - 9th IUBMB Conference
Budapest, Hungary, July 02, 2005
1.PDF  Vestergaard J, Pedersen MW, Hasholt L, Tommerup N, Tumer Z and Larsen LA. siRNA mediated knock-down of the Hedgehog pathway member GLI1 inhibits the proliferation of NT2 neuronal precursor cells.

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