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Litu Zhang (Alex)

Litu Zhang (Alex)

Ph.d. student / Ph.d. studerende

Identification of genes involved in the development of congenital heart disease (CHD)


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Publications related to WJC

4.   Thienpont B, Zhang L, Postma AV, Breckpot J, Tranchevent LC, Van Loo P, Møllgård K, Tommerup N, Bache I, Tümer Z, van Engelen K, Menten B, Mortier G, Waggoner D, Gewillig M, Moreau Y, Devriendt K, Larsen LA. Haploinsufficiency of TAB2 Causes Congenital Heart Defects in Humans. Am J Hum Genet. 2010;86:839-49.
3.   Zhang L, Tümer Z, Møllgård K, Barbi G, Rossier E, Bendsen E, Møller RS, Ullmann R, He J, Papadopoulos N, Tommerup N, Larsen LA. Characterization of a t(5;8)(q31;q21) translocation in a patient with mental retardation and congenital heart disease: implications for involvement of RUNX1T1 in human brain and heart development. Eur J Hum Genet. 2009;17:1010-8.
2.   Erdogan F, Larsen LA, Zhang L, Tumer Z, Tommerup N, Chen W, Jacobsen JR, Schubert M, Jurkatis J, Tzschach A, Ropers HH, Ullmann R. High frequency of submicroscopic genomic aberrations detected by tiling path array CGH in patients with isolated congenital heart disease. J Med Genet. 2008;45:704-9.
1.   Zhang L, Tumer Z, Jacobsen JR, Andersen PS, Tommerup N, Larsen LA. Screening of 99 Danish patients with congenital heart disease for GATA4 mutations. Genet Test. 2006;10:277-80.

Presentations related to WJC

American Society of Human Genetics
San Diego, October 23, 2007
4.PDF  Larsen LA, Zhang L, Barbi G, Møllgård K, Bendsen E, Møller R, Ullmann R, Tümer Z, Tommerup N. The leukemia associated gene RUNX1T1 (MTG8/ETO) is involved in heart and brain development.
European Human Genetics Conference 2007
Nice, France, June 16, 2007
3.   Erdogan F, Larsen LA, Zhang L, Tümer Z, Tommerup N, Chen W, Jacobsen JR, Schubert M, Jurkatis J, Tzschach A, Ropers H H, Ullmann R. High Frequency of Submicroscopic DNA copy number changes in patients with congenital heart disease.
The Marie-Curie Conferences and Training Courses on array CGH and molecular cytogenetics
Bari,Italy, October 18, 2005
2.PDF  Zhang L, Bækvad-Hansen M, Bache I, Bugge M, Ashraf I, Ramsoe J J, Tommerup N, Tumer Z, Larsen L A. FISH Mapping of Chromosomal Breakpoints Associated with Congenital Heart Defects.
Cardiac Development and Congenital Heart Disease
Keystone, Colorado, March 05, 2004
1.PDF  Bækvad-Hansen M, Zhang L, Jacobsen JR, Delicado A, Fitchett M, Kalscheuer V, Tommerup N, Tumer Z and Larsen LA. Mapping of Chromosomal Breakpoints Associated with Congenital Heart Defects using Fluorescence in-situ hybridization (FISH): a bypass for isolation of candidate disease genes. Keystone Symposia, Keystone, Colorado, USA.

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